Pierwszy turnus MULTI KULTI 2017

Przesyłamy słoneczne pozdrowienia z Grecji, Cypru, Węgier, Portugalii i Włoch… a tak naprawdę to z Polski, ze Szczecina 😉

Do wymienionych krajów przenoszą nas wolontariusze i wolontariuszki projektu MULTI KULTI 2017 – realizowanego w ramach programu Erasmus+. Anna, Zsofi, Electra, Stamatis, Pambos, Marianna, Natasha, Milita, Carlotta i Alessia prowadzą w naszym Stowarzyszeniu wakacyjne warsztaty dla dzieci i młodzieży. Jesteśmy już na półmetku pierwszego turnusu… Zapraszamy do podziwiania zdjęć na naszym profilu, który jest poświęcony aktywnościom wolontariuszy i wolontariuszek.


Oto co Zsofi, wolontariuszka z Węgier, ma do powiedzenia na temat ostatnich dni (wypowiedź jest w języku angielskim, tłumaczenie pojawi się wkrótce :)):

July and the first week of our MULTI KULTI project is almost over, so we would like to present a bit from the previous days’ activities and also get you into the mood for the next week!

From 17th of July till 28th of July we are having a colorful MULTI KULTI session provided by our 10 short-term EVS volunteers from five countries of Europe. Until now they introduced Hungary, Portugal and Greece, but get ready also for Cyprus and Italy!

On the first day the workshops’ main aim was to get know and get close to each other by having fun and enjoying the multicultural company in POLITES office and also during outdoor activities. We started our journey through the participant countries, made special passports and got familiar with the idea of travelling and the five volunteer countries in general!

The separated national days began with the Hungarian day, when we were able to find out some interesting and basic facts about the country, craft a Hungarian Puli and learn a Hungarian song!

Continuing with the Portuguese national day we created a MULTI KULTI  book with all the participants in it, learned how to pronounce the colors and body parts in Portuguese and also prepared small presentations about Portuguese traditions like plates or costumes.

By arriving to Greece we felt the warmness and the sunny soul of the country during workshops about traditional Greek dances, Greek games and the Greek flag! Presenting the Greek gods we got the chance to spend some time in ancient Greece and then return to our days and visit the cities online with the help of our volunteers!

Next week along with the national days of Cyprus and Italy we are providing workshops about theatre and drama, music, science, arts and crafts and sports! Get ready, open your mind and soul and join the journey of your life!