POLITES Association


POLITES Association’s mission is to promote the idea of the civil society through the education and voluntary service. The Association came into existence in 2002. Its name derives from Greek word "polites", which stands for ‘the citizen’.

Every day we are trying to convince people, young and old, that after work or school, there is a lot of interesting things to do. The active are living more attractive!

Local and regional activities:

  • Regional Volunteer Centre – we run an agency directed to people interested in doing voluntary service both in Szczecin.We organize workshops and courses, which enable volunteers to get to know themselves better, learn new things and spend their free time in an interesting way.We also train volunteer coordinators in NGOs, schools and other public institutions to improve quality of the cooperation between them, their volunteers and Regional Volunteer Centre.


  • Szczecin NGO Support Centre Sektor3 – our association is one of founder of  Sektor3. The main goal of this foundation is to strenghten the potential of non-governmental organizations and civil society in Szczecin area. It fulfills this goal by providing both practical and infrastructural support to NGOs and active citizens.


  • Big Brother Big Sister – is the world′s largest and oldest mentoring programme helping children reach their potential through professionally supported one-to-one relationships. Our volunteers have been taking part in BBBS since 2004.


International activities:

  • Erasmus+ Youth European Voluntary Service (EVS)/ European Solidarity Corps (ESC) – POLITES is sending, hosting and coordinating organization of EVS/ECS. We encourage young people to take part in voluntary projects abroad as well as we host every year volunteers in our association and our partner organizations. If you would like to learn how the life of EVS volunteer in Szczecin looks like, check our Facebook profile.


    Here you can see more about every day life of volunteers in Szczecin: www.evs.polites.org.pl

  • Study Tours to Poland –  a programme that brings students and professionals from countries of Eastern Europe to Poland. It provides an opportunity for students and representatives from various professional groups in Ukraine, Belarus, Russia, Moldova, etc to become acquainted with Polish students, academic communities, and civic organizations as well as to participate in cultural events and learn about Poland’s achievements in systemic transformation and the experience of “Poland’s road” to membership in the European Union.



POLITES Association

ul. Dworcowa 19/205

70-206 Szczecin, Poland


phone: +48 91 450 11 46, +48 91 350 84 74