Z Grecji do Polski

Zachęcamy do przeczytania tego, co ma do powiedzenia Argyris, wolontariusz z Grecji, który bierze udział w projekcie Wolontariat Europejski (EVS) w ramach programu Erasmus+.



"The seagulls

According to many wise people, where there is smoke, there is fire… And where there is light, there is darkness… I am not that wise, but I can only guess that where there are seagulls there is sea. And I am more than sure that I live next to the sea because I am already acquainted with a bunch of seagulls in Szczecin. They even visit me every now and then at my apartment, yes, they know where I live. And I am kind enough to leave some bread outside our kitchen window when I know that I won’t be there to treat them with proper hospitality. My name is Argyris, by the way. And my name is wrong – at least for Microsoft office. I was born in a village in Greece, and here I am now, living in Szczecin, and volunteering in a kindergarten in Stargard. I guess I am quite lucky to have been gifted with a safe life, fortunate enough to consider many things granted. 50 days ago, Lady Fortune showed me the way to Poland and I followed it gladly. So, what’s all this introduction about seagulls? Well, I already said that I was born in a village, but the truth is that I was born in a village by the sea. The seagulls occupied important space of my vision for all my life there, and whenever I can be near them I feel like home… not the material home, the one I carry inside me."